Hayley’s Favorites


This Vacuum literally saved my life!

oh gussie….. prior to getting gus i had no experience with corigis. My husband (then super cute guy i was dating) assured me they don’t shed that bad……. Well Gussie is an awful shedder, he is the world best dog, and i love everything about him, but i could never stay on top of how much hair he shed. we constantly had what i referred to has Gus-bunnies. so after a ton of research tyler and i decided to get the Eufy boost iq RoboVac 11s - best anniversary gift ever!!!! How well it does navigating around the house and collecting all his hair still amazes me. Tyler and I say if we ever have multiple levels in our house we’re getting one for each level!

Sony A7riii

this is the camera I’ve been using for All my shoots. It’s mirrorless so it’s way lighter that a traditional DSLR. I’m so please with the portraits i’ve been able to capture with this.

Cookbooks For Arthur & Momma

I knew very early on that I wanted to make Arthur’s baby food, but i never Knew I’d bring me so much joy & such a Happy boy. I recommend this cookbook to everyone. Invite me to a baby shower & ask for a book instead of a card - this is what you’re getting!

My mom actually just introduced me to this cookbook, and I love IT! I have a similar one - . But this one is much better at instructing you how to prepare each step which i love, especially if it’s an ingredient i’m not as familiar with. I try to plan out my weeks meals I typically do about 10 days. this cookbook is great because It requires so few ingredients i can choose a main one and get multiple meals from it.

Some of our favorite reusable products.

Tyler and I have been watching a TON of documentaries recently, and this is the year we’re working towards simplifying and consciously thinking about how our actions effect our planet. SO here are a few of our favorite Eco- friendly products.

Zip lock baggies, we all need them right, check out these silicone bags. One of my favorite things about them being silicone is how easy they clean up.


Create Awareness, Did you know that bee’s pollinate 1/3 of the food we eat. So you should probably care about the bees.

By the end of this year we should have almost all our landscaping Edible. Anything that isn’t edible is planted primarily to give the bee’s a place to land, and pollinate. One of the ways I wanted to treat myself was with a super cute harvesting bag. All the fresh Veggies, herbs and flowers make me so happy to start with, but put them in a cute bag! Now i’m obsessed. Produce bags are also a necessity and you can find them here, and cute fruit and Veggie bags here. Beeswax wraps are also one of our Favorites! There’s an awesome starter kit on amazon. This kit includes bee’s wax wraps but also several other storage bags that you will find very useful at your local grocery store or farmers market.

And if you have a little one, these “squeezes” are a must in our house. Everything from applesauce to smoothies goes into them.

This one’s kind of a bundle deal It’s my favorite hair products.

Shampoo & Conditioner - Joico copper
Detangler - Oribe
Oribe Moisturizing Cream
I like my Bangs super Piecey and textured - this is how I do it!
Now Finally Oribe’s beach Wave & shine Spray, I’ve used this spray with literally every length of hair, from my chin to my booty, and i love the movement & texture it gives my hair.

I’m one of those lucky momma’s who’s little is constantly trying to rip out their hair, and when he’s not for some miraculous reason I never have time to actually style my hair. These are a modern take on the classic scrunchie and i love them! My favorites are from free people.

I also totally dig the Scarf pony trend that is going on right now. the reason I like it is that I can have literally no time, and just need to throw my hair in a pony - well this makes it look intentional.

Outfit details in photo above: Dress Free People (years ago! so I don’t have a link sorry!) But you can find my favorite slings here at WIldbird. They launch their spring/summer 19’ collection on Wednesday. PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR, you won’t regret it.