What to Wear

Planning your wardrobe and accessories for your session may be one of the most nerve-racking moments for you. But have no fear, this session in suppose to highlight who you are today. So please bring along items that you feel comfortable and confident in. This ensures an empowering and sexy session. To ease of few of those jitters I have some tips for you!

Studio day-3.jpg


This is a fun one! I love wearing a teddy or bodysuit.

Bold blacks, red also give off a strong, empoweri

Studio day-3.jpg


Lace always adds a soft romantic touch. Great options to incorporate this are a lacy bra or bralette and maybe some high waisted panties to match! High waisted panties are great at elongating your legs as well, creating a really soft and sexy vibe.

Soft pink, and ivories create a soft romantic feel. I know you’re probably thinking I can’t wear white. That’ll look to bridal - but did you know in Europe white is considered very sexy! I learned this during my time working in a lingerie shop, and quickly fell in love with how sexy colors besides black could be. This shop was Flirt Boutique, and I highly recommend them!



Maybe you want to your session to reflect those nights on the couch wearing a slouchy sweater with a glass of wine, watching your latest Netflix binge or if you’re like me with a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook.

To complete this look I recommend bringing your favorite sweater, flannel or even cozy socks! YEP, I said it. One of my favorite photographs includes the perfect pair of socks.