Behind the Lens

Behind the lens - Family Photography

Hey there, I’m Hayley.

I’m a quirky little redhead who currently resides in a small town in western Wisconsin; about 30 minutes outside the twin cities. I’m a momma to a little named arthur & a corgi named gus
(but lets be real I call him gussie 99% of the time).

I married the love of my life, his name is tyler. he’s my biggest cheerleader and my harshest critic. i will never be able to thank him enough for supporting my crazy ideas.

The past 9 months may seem like i’ve fallen off the face of the earth a little to those who were with me while i was doing makeup under Hayley Sachs artistry, but the truth is i’ve been up to so much more and just really haven’t been sure how to describe or share it. So grab your coffee and lets dig in, and uncover a few of my favorite things

  1. i LOVE making lists.

  2. I’m not sure which i love more. coffee or wine. But my favorite wine is naughty girl by Von Steihl winery in algoma wisconsin. If you don't know what i’m talking about you need to check it out. Raspberries and cabernet YUMMY!

  3. I love being a boy momma. With the challenge of not having everything in our world be dump trucks and tractors i’ve decided our favorite thing is going to be dinosaurs! hopefully arthur agrees.

  4. i’ve been creating my entire life. when i was in kindergarten i said i was going to be an artist when i grew up. i’ve been fine tuning what medium is the most fulfilling but i think we’re getting close.

  5. i love fashion! i was give $1000 to go spend on a fancy dinner, day at the spa or shopping - I would 100% be at the mall shopping!

  6. I would describe my style as boho, rocker, grandma. hahah my mom has always pointed out my love for a little grandma touch here and there. Bring on the knit goods and floral prints!

  7. crocheting and knitting are forms of therapy to me. I started knitting my freshman year of collage when i needed something peaceful but productive to do.
    I learned to crochet last year, and have had so much fun with it since arthur has been born.

  8. i could eat sushi for ever meal of the day. i grew up on a lake and i blame that for my love of everything fish! even though there i was eating sunfish and now i’m a tuna snob.

  9. banff is at the top of my wishlist to travel, hoping to check this off soon.

  10. i wear glasses over contacts 99% of the time even though I like my makeup better with contacts in.

  11. funky braids are my jam, coming from the beauty industry this may not be a surprise, but having a baby boy who thinks yanking momma’s hair out makes this a necessity.

  12. i’m extremely compassionate.

  13. i LOVE that feeling of first getting in a really hot car. But HATE the sun.

  14. i prefer odd numbers

  15. i Dream of the day I have an A-frame house tucked away somewhere. In this house there will be a tub perfect for soaking in, that will over look my garden and apple orchard that has goats frolicking through it. a girl can dream right!?! but for real.

I promise…

My promise to you, is that each session you have you’ll be exactly who you (And / or Your Family) are at that point in time. Theres no need to wait for the perfect family occasion, until you lose those last 10lbs, or your child perfectly behaves ALL THE TIME!. I promise that you’ll have an amazing day pampering yourself, celebrating The role you hold in your family. I strive to capture RAW & REAL emotion. you’ll spend the remainder of your day asking yourself why you hadn’t invested in Documenting these moments sooner.

What’s Next?

Let’s grab coffee or a glass of wine! I’m not picky. I’m so glad you think we’d be a good fit, and i’m even more excited to see you taking a day for you and your family. you’r consult is the perfect time to chat and get to know each other even better. we can also go over which products would best portray the message you’re trying express. any questions you may have about ordering, payment plans and your wardrobe. This makes it easy to go into your photoshoot day with out any of those jitters and unanswered questions.